Endorsements Charleston County Community and Business Leaders Endorse Brantley Moody

I am proud to have the endorsement of the Charleston Trident Area Realtors Association



“We need a respected and open-minded business professional who understands all the issues. Someone who understands the needs for good public schools, growing our economy, creating good paying jobs and who will represent all the people of West Ashley. That person is Brantley Moody.”

The Honorable Keith Waring
Charleston City Council


“As a former member of Charleston County Council and someone who cut spending by more than $19 million, we need someone who will watch the bottom line. Brantley Moody has the experience of managing hundreds of millions of dollars as a commercial banker. The citizens of West Ashley need someone with integrity.”

The Honorable Senator Paul Thurmond
Senate District 41


Additional Endorsements

  • Paul Thurmond
  • Keith Waring
  • Marvin Wagner
  • Dean Riegel
  • Aubry Alexander II
  • Kevin Shealy
  • Richard Moore
  • Skip & Skeet Godow
  • Terry Seabrook
  • Joan Leon
  • Carmen Nash
  • Ginn Maiers
  • Lisa Stine
  • Bill Scarborough
  • Brent Case
  • David Botzis
  • Bill Mullen
  • Dale Aren
  • Todd Smyth
  • Josh Whitley
  • Mark Hoffman
  • Lauri Lechner
  • Frances Waite
  • Marty & Cindy Adams
  • Barry Whalen
  • Tom Kays
  • Scott Cayouette
  • Donna Jacobs
  • Meredith Demetre
  • Lynn Boudolf
  • Bobby Luff
  • Mary Dolliver
  • Eva Neuroth
  • Rik Dilgren
  • Mary Beshere
  • Amy Cario
  • Chris Fraser
  • Shawn Charlow
  • Michael & Hope Murphy
  • Craig Hoover
  • James Myrick
  • Sean Houseal
  • Ken Smith
  • Tom Pate
  • Paula & Angelo Anastopoulo
  • David Mantek
  • Janet Newham
  • Jay Costa