My Vision Addressing Issues Facing West Ashley

My vision for the next four years…

As a lifelong resident of West Ashley, I have watched our county grow. Recently, I have seen a decline in our quality of life. Smart economic development meets the needs of a community, such as maintenance of our roads and helping redevelop aging buildings. That is not what we have today. Our local government spends too much and has little to show for it.

District 7 deserves a results-driven representative who understands the importance of consensus building and the bottom line. As a successful Charleston businessman, I will bring my knowledge, experience and leadership skills to the position. I will collaborate with overlapping municipalities, elected officials and stakeholders. With help from the business community, I will identify and cut wasteful spending. And, with three children in Charleston County Public Schools, I understand the importance of supporting our educational system.

Most importantly, I will speak with the constituents of West Ashley — listening to their ideas and concerns and working hard to find solutions. I am committed to making the voices of District 7 heard by the Charleston County Council.

Setting the proper priorities and making sound financial decisions are vital to the future of Charleston County. Together, I believe we can make a meaningful difference for our families, community and county.

west ashley areal shot

My vision is to address the following issues:

Traffic Congestion

  • Fight for the completion of I-526
  • Oppose efforts to decrease traffic capacity
  • Press hard to complete the Gateway Improvement Initiatives
  • Support beautification for West Ashley entryways


  • Develop and maintain roads that meet the community’s needs
  • Increase recycling, zoning and CARTA coordination and communications
  • Improve our drainage issues


  • Redevelop the “DuWap” area, creating jobs and improving community pride
  • Complete the Senior Citizens Center to meet the needs of residents and those who will use it the most
  • Create redevelopment plans for the Citadel Mall and Sam Rittenberg Corridor

My family has a history of serving Charleston. I am proud to say my father Bill was recently re-elected for a second term to the Charleston City Council and my brother Brian served three terms on the Charleston County School Board. I believe the time is right for me to play an active role serving my community, district and county.

If you share my vision for responsible and ethical leadership, I would be honored to have your vote in the General Election on Tuesday, November 8th.