My vision for the next four years...


  • I’ll continue to work hard on developing a strategic plan for Citadel Mall
  • I will continue to fight for funding and completion of draining improvements
  • I’ll continue to work to expand the West Ashley Greenway including more police officers
  • I will continue to work with neighborhoods to improve landscaping and signage

Bill Moody Gets

Things Done!


  • Supports and fights for the completion of I-526
  • Supported putting 80 new police officers and having them assigned to schools
  • Worked to improve drainage in South Windermere
  • Worked to bury wiring underground along Savannah Highway
  • Supported to add and improve sidewalks in many West Ashley neighborhoods
  • Fought for traffic calming landscape and median improvements in the Avondale area
  • Advocated for improvements to both ends of Camp Rd and Riverland Dr.
  • Supported the completion of the West Ashley Senior Citizens Center, the Aquatic Center and the James Island Expressway Bike Way

“Unlike my opponent, who signed off on a lawsuit opposing Charleston County from completing I-526, I fully support the completion of I-526 since it will ease West Ashley traffic congestion. One of the advantages of being retired is I can give my full attention to addressing the needs of families and neighborhoods West of the Ashley. I’ll continue to work with other West Ashley council members to solve the issues to improve our community. I do not have any competing interest other than what’s in the best interest of our communities.” Bill Moody


Moody’s long history of serving our community includes his tenure as past president of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, past chairman of the Trident United Way among others.


Clearly Bill has the most experience and proven leadership. You decide...


“I’ve spent my entire career watching the bottom line, not only for my business as a CPA, but for the bottom line of our clients as well. I’ll bring my extensive experience in auditing of governmental entities to the spending of scarce city tax dollars,” said Moody. “We must prioritize our spending, increase revenues without raising taxes or fees..."


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